Focus January 2017

Our focus is entitled, “gifts and calling”. In Romans 11:29 it declares For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. This scripture means that certain people were borne on earth with certain special abilities. Other words, these calling and gifts did not come from our Holy Ghost experiences.

Talent and gift are very similar, both have to be developed through practice over a period of time and also both will bring a person to extra ordinary abilities. But the Talent is limited based upon human accomplishment but the Gift will take a person beyond their human actions, knowledge or understanding. Steve Harvey made this statement "your career is what you get paid for, your calling is what you are made for. The TALENT always seek recognition and benefits such as money, fame or esteem. But the GIFT always seeks concealment and only express itself when compel to do so. Gifted ministers, musicians, doctors, artist …etc., knows that God uses them in ways they can’t personally account for, so they take no real pride in themselves.

My opinion is, all Christian are borne with gifts not just our leaders. Calling and gifts such as: to cheer someone up / to witness of Christ / gifted to set an example for others / to be an organizer that brings folks together / to inspire others to do greater things than what they are doing / …etc. and …etc.

What calling or gift do you have? Its more than likely the thing that Satan fights you the most over.

Pastor James Tidwell