Special Pictures

This image is our latest addition to "Special Pictures". It was taken on an IPhone camera by Martin Pewitt August 2016. He was standing on my front porch and took this picture of my front yard on Weakley Lane. We do not know what the smoky image represents. Some folks think it a picture of a woman's thoephany. It has been cropped but not altered.

My mother (Sister Dorothy Tidwell) gave me this picture around 1985 (she pass away in 1987). The picture has not been alter in any way, there has never been Photoshop work of any kind. She told me that she was in attendances at this church in Oklahoma on the day it was taken. That same Sunday morning the minister preached on the 1963 Life magazine cloud. After the service someone took this photo (I can not remember who she said took it). Not certain but I believe I recognized this church to be Bartlesville Tabernacle where Claud Wisinger is now the pastor (I believe Jess Trammel was the pastor then). This picture has been in my collection for the past 30 years and as far as I can remember I have never seen this picture display anywhere. The cloud is glowing with a yellow color. This certainly is a supernatural image.

This picture comes from Martin Pewitt. This testimony is, the day they buried Brother Branham, Boddy Hamed saw this eagle cloud in the sky over Jeffersonville, Indiana and he took this picture.

This picture came from a missionary trip to Mexico in 1982. I do not remember where the church was located or who pastored the church. The pastor was touring us brothers from USA through his church and I ask the pastor why the chair was positioned by the pulpit away from all the other chairs. He explained that that chair was for Jesus Christ a place for our Lord to sit while the minister spoke. I took the picture.

Me and Brother Herman Garland from Georgia was hunting together around 1998. And he brought to my attention the God can put a tree anywhere He wants one. He explained to me, “look at those trees that grow out on those rocks, how do they stay balance in the wind and grow so tall”. To me this was amazing. That place we where hunting was north of Spring City, Tennessee near Dogwood Road.

My mother (Dorothy Tidwell) gave me this picture of Jesus in a cloud around 1985. If I remember correctly she stated it was taken in or near Athens, Georgia. The film date 1973. It has been in my personal collection box for the past 30 years and is somewhat faded. There are many images on the internet that are similar, even clearer. I can not speak for their credibility but I know this picture presented here has not be alter or Photoshop in anyway.

Come back later we will posted more special/supernatural pictures. If you have a special picture that you would like to add to this page sent it to us. We must have your testimony with the image and a promise that it has not been Photoshop or alter.